My Own: My Own - I

Sleep deprived and mesmerized by my girls, motherhood fills me with new emotions and priorities. The impulse to photograph now stems from my own life -- my family, my surroundings and anything that comes to me during my days and nights.

These photographs are part of an ongoing series called, “My Own.” They reflect a new understanding that it’s okay - and necessary – to put the camera down to experience life first-hand. Adjusting to a Boston area neighborhood after Morocco… starting a family… the death of my mother… time passing. I used to walk around on the edge of life, photographing, trying not to fall in. Not anymore.

Airport, Baltimore
Traveling to Mother's house, but she's no longer there
A walk in Flagstaff
Medford, Massachusetts
Medford, Massachusetts
Capen Park, Medford, Massachusetts
Front yard
Emergency room